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The Design Process

We offer a preliminary proposal including floor plans, structural of the log shell, exterior views and animations of the log work and of the finished home. Our design contract includes two revisions of all aspects of the design. The preliminary proposal will take one to two weeks from design starting date to completion of that stage.

By mail, you will receive basement, first and second floor plan room layout with log structural design on "D" size (2'x3') paper with a CD-ROM to view two exterior animations the log work and the finished home.

By email, if applicable, you will receive a total of twelve colored views of the log work and of the finished home to print at your leisure with all floor plans as email attachments or faxed.

Each animation is an interactive movie that you control with your computer mouse. The viewing program is included with the CD-ROM. Ask us for a demo CD to practice this amazing viewing tool at your fingertip command.